Cultural heritage for the future generations

The true decoration of Trakų Vokė – Trakų Vokė’s Manor with the St. Virgin Mary’s Chapel – mausoleum in the park, designed by Edward Andre. The Chapel – mausoleum belongs to Trakų Vokė Manor, which before the war was managed by the Tiškevičiai family, who played a significant role in the history of Lithuania; due to this the building is an important historical and cultural heritage, reflecting the characteristics of the family.

Out of all the Trakų Vokė Ensemble, only the St. Virgin Mary’s Chapel performs its function – brings together the people in the house of God. After Lithuania regained its independence, active believers made sure that the building would be returned to the church functions.


In Soviet times, the chapel building was used for storage of mineral fertilizers because Trakų Vokė’s manor buildings were used as a branch of the Lithuanian Agricultural Institute, later – viewing room. Due to the leaks in the building of that time, moisture and other reasons, part of the wall paintings are chipped, other decorations are damaged, most of valuable items and artifacts were lost or stolen. The condition of the building is quite poor: cracked plaster and damaged wall paintings, the water drainage system of the building is out of order and therefore the basement (mausoleum), where the remains of the Tiškevičiai family representatives are kept, contains water.

The solution to these relevant problems of Trakų Vokė chapel – mausoleum renovation is available through the funds of “Conservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage” programme under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. The project will allow to purchase and install the breathing pavement, channeled rain drainage system, the restoration of damaged wall painting, restored facade, repaired roof, ceilings, walls, sculptures, restore the organ and perform other work provided, purchased equipment and furniture required for the quality of the chapel activities.

In June 2014 the project „Trakų Vokė Manor’s Chapel-Mausoleum management and adaptation for public needs“ financing agreement was signed between the Ministry of Culture, the Central Project Management Agency and Lentvaris Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish.

The goal of the project – to contribute to the awareness of the cultural heritage of Trakų Vokė, trying to preserve it for future generations.

Successful implementation of the project requires close cooperation with the Norwegian company “Dor- og Vindusvern AS”, which has experience in the Norwegian cultural heritage revitalisation and will share this experience during the project.

The project is to be implemented by the 30th April, 2016.

The total value of the project – 879,804.36 Lt. (€ 254,808.96).

At present, the public procurement is being carries out, maintenance work price calculation has been done, public procurement of conversion, restoration, repairs and other works are in progress.

At the end of the project Trakų Vokė’s chapel – mausoleum will be updated and adapted to the needs of the public, and just as before St. Mass will be held in it on Sundays, district residents and visitors will be able to gather there, weddings, baptisms, the first communion and funeral services will be possible to hold there as well. During the visiting hours the premises of Chapel – mausoleum will freely accessible to local residents and visitors.

Parishioners believed that all their efforts will get the blessing of Heaven, and believe that by every opportunity everyone should take care of your overall assets – the house of the Lord. It seems that their prayers have helped and the cultural heritage will be preserved for the future generations.

More information about the financing of the programme can be found at www.eeagrants.


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