Trakų Vokė Chapel restoration – significant event to Lithuania

  • The 24-th of January was a special day for community of Trakų Vokė. The Chapel of graph Tiškevičius, which was built in the second half of XIX c., was restored and presented to the public. Citizens and contractors of the project are happy, that what was destroyed during the Soviet era is resurected for a new life.

  • Neo-Gothic style chapel is not only important to Trakų Vokė, but also to the whole Lithuania – here rests the remains of famous lithuanian graphs Tiškevičiai. The chapel was restored from the foundations to the internal frescoes. The publicity event of works completion gathered not only the local people and residents of Vilnius, but also visitors from abroad. The resurrection of the building to new life is very important – this is one of the most significant historical sites in Trakų Vokė.

    General contractor: there were no major technical challenges

    The company with many years of experience working with historical and ecclesiastical heritage was chosen for the restoration of an exclusive historical object of Trakų Vokė. In addition to restoration work, a detailed analysis work of the historical sources was carried out. This allowed to do the work authentically.
    JSC “Vilniaus restauratoriai“ emphasizes the exceptional importance of Trakų Vokė in the overall context of the history of Lithuania: “We had to work in the chapel even forty years ago, when it was quite impoverished in Soviet time. Now, when the community took over the control of the situation, as well as restoring it professionally, it looks authentic“, – says the head of the company Sakalas Matuiza.

    An authentic restorers work

    Restorer Vytautas Kubilius, reviewing the work done in the chapel, emphasizes that now a historical object looks the same as in the days of Tiškevičiai. “Every detail of the temple, to which we have touched, was restored by authenticity. In order to achieve such a result, that was in the past, we had to analyze responsibly and choose the best solutions – we were making the paint by ourselves, which even included the materials such as beeswax and other natural enzymes. We have restored the presbytery dome, the nave, glefs of the windows, the chapel altar, the original of which is now stored in Druskininkai. At this time the work in the crypt, where the remains ofthe Tiškevičiai family family rest, remained to complete“, – presents V. Kubilius.

    Welcomes the successful outcome of the project

    During the event words of gratitude sounded for the project contractors, the parish pastor Gintaras Petronis, for the Community Council of Trakų Vokė Jadvyga Chludok and others who have contributed to the implementation of this historical importance project. „The project was implemented professionally, and its closing event gathered together not only members of the community, but also a broad circle of guests and media representatives. This objects unique recovery is important in that it is our history – past, present and the future“, – welcomes J. Chludok.
    Speaking of the difficulties in implementing the project woman speaks laconically: „I am part of the community, so I did it with others. A huge force – united forces of professionals and people of Trakų Vokė. Even more gratifying is that the result is not only the chapel restored according to the highest standarts, but also a warm relationship with the representatives of the Tiškevičiai family is established. Together with historian Liliana Narkovič two books about Trakų Vokė are released“, – presents J. Chludok.

    Member of Tiškevičiai family appreciated the project

    Historian Liliana Narkovič welcomes professional restoration of the chapel and the unity of community members to common objective.
    „I feel pride, because not everyone knows that we have worked together – family of Tiškevičiai, community of Trakų Vokė and Lithuanian cultural organizations. It seems that we were able to do everything very quickly and as professionally just because we have worked together“, – emphasizes representative of Tiškevičiai family L. Narkovič.
    Temporary director of PI Trakų Vokė Manor Ieva Šiušaitė said the gratitude to the project initiators and implementers. She thanked all those who contributed to the chapel restoration project. In times of Tiškevičiai and nowadays the chapel is a community center of attraction – Sunday Mass which is held here is very popular not only among people of Trakų Vokė but also attracts residents of Vilnius. Restoration works for the project “Completion of management work and customization for society needs of Trakų Vokė Manor chapel-mausoleum” were done according to a plan, and people, who participated in the event of publicity, confirmed, by their presence, that what has been done is important for them not only from a historical perspective.